If You Give A Teenager A Fly Rod


If you give a teen a fly rod, they’ll probably want a reel to go with it.

When they see the reel, they will wonder if it makes them look cool… So they will want to take a selfie. 

When they take a selfie, it will remind them that they haven’t checked their facebook for ten minutes, so they will start to look for cell service. And when they start to look for cell service, everyone will laugh at them.

When everyone laughs at them, they’ll realize that they are in the great outdoors. This will make the teen ponder their existence and wonder how animals live. And that will remind them they want to catch a trout. 

When they learn how to cast a fly, they will jump and smile bigger than when they got their first Iphone. The feeling of happiness will remind them that learning new things makes them feel good.

So then they will want to know everything about fish, about bugs, about pocket water, about knots, and then they will desperately want to catch a trout with their fly rod.

And when they think about their fly rod, they will realize it has been four hours since they went to check their facebook, or thought about a boy. 

Chances are, if they don’t care about checking their facebook, they will be a fly addict for life. #tuglife #nocellservice #teenscanbefun #teachemyoung #lifeisinthewater #buildingconfidence #natureiscool #stayawayfromboys

(Basis from ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’, by Laura Numeroff, Children’s Literature). 😉


6 thoughts on “If You Give A Teenager A Fly Rod

  1. Love it. Our son is 11 so we are just on the cusp of all of this. My kids have just been away on a scout camp which involved 3 days without devices and they don’t even think to protest. It would be a very different story at home.


  2. The “Mouse Cookie” books were some of my kiddos favorites when they were little, so I’m loving the above post. The absolute best way to keep kids out of trouble and to build that bond is to take them fishing.


    • Thank you, Susan!! My kids were reading that book like crazy last week so it was stuck in my head! Have you read the one that was circulating on facebook about ‘if you give a mom a muffin’? It’s pretty funny. I couldn’t agree more about the fishing thing and I love meeting parents that feel the same way. Thanks for your comment! Take care!


      • I must have missed the “if you give a mom a muffin”, darn! There’s a whole bunch of those “If You…..” books out there. I think you should see about getting that post of yours published into a book 😉


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