The Kid Rod Wins

image Think about dropping what ever you are doing (unless you are holding glass or a baby) and going to get a kid fishing pole. Not for a kid though, even though that is a good thing to do…eh while you’re there just get one for a kid too..But I’m thinking for selfish reasons at this point. Hear me out. The other day, something so far from what I dreamed was possible happened: I forgot my fly rod! (Scary tragedy induced sounds in your mind right here). I helped the kids fish for about an hour then grabbed the Toy Story themed pole and tied on a leggy streamer of sorts. Tossed that streamer behind a shaded tree area and hooked this gal: image The pole not only made it a blast to reel this beast in, it also lights up when a fish is on! Its like a party in your hand, as if catching a fish is not enough of a party. Then we drove to a treed area and I decided to stick with my new found treasure… Its short length and bendy frame was ideal for tossing a bugger between flooded trees. A few wks ago I lost about 5 flies trying to roll cast through the swamp-like forest. I never knew my answer would be so childish. My son was like, can I have my pole back and I said no. [Sometimes I say ‘your doing it wrong’ just so I can get a chance to cast it.] First cast out: image Money. But I did catch my biggest bass to date on my fly rod the week before (top pic, my double chin tells its own story), so I think I’m still going to bring it along, ya know just in case Toy Story breaks. image

But I should mention its not just Toy Story rods, its Batman rods too…And if you can borrow someone’s baby you should do that too. My friend, Paula, came out with me one night and once her kids were burnt out, I tied an egg sucking leech to the end of her kid pole and a few moments later she was yelling, “Get the net”, while bouncing her little baby in her front pack. Little Micah bobbed around while his mom reeled in a nearly 5 lb bass like a bass boss. image I was going to see if I could borrow her good luck baby or her spiderman pole for my next fishing day but decided that was kind of creepy.

We’ve been doing so much fishing and driving around Idaho, I just can’t keep up on the stories! Sadly….Toy Story flew out of my roof rack and busted as it rolled down the road. I cried a bit but was pretty stoked my husband got my son an even nicer kid pole, of which I have caught a ton of smallies on while fishing in north Idaho with family. Its still fly fishing if you are using flies right? So you should probably lower your standards, and bring a kid fishing so you can steal their rod. Or teach em a few things;) This is my niece with her first fish ever, which is a blast to watch! I even lowered my standards further and bought some worms so she would for sure catch one. Standards are stupid, accept when it comes to food production. My double chin tells that story too. 😉

image Tight lines and strange stories, friends! I’ve got some pretty funny ones that I’m saving for later. Im not sure when I got so weird, but I know that when I was at a family reunion recently, the people that didn’t know me at first were like, ‘oh the fisher lady’ and I was like, ya Im a bit of an over-sharer. Cheers!


6 thoughts on “The Kid Rod Wins

  1. Kaitlyn, my fly fishing friend, you write some of the best posts about fishing I have ever read. They are just absorbing for me. Come to think of it, I wrote a post on my blog a bit ago about “Spin Fishing With A Fly”. Sometimes, with family members going along, you do what you got to do. It is very enjoyable also. I will have to try and find a Buzz Lightyear rod. I know just the grandson who might let me borrow it once in awhile……


    • Thank you so much Mel! That was very kind of you to say! I truly believe you should get your own Buzz Lightyear rod, its only the next step in building your collection haha. Ill have to check out your spin fishing with a fly blog post soon. I like to blur the lines sometimes too. Im sure your grandson would be glad to get out…and watch his grandpa slay it on a kid fishing rod! Best of luck my friend!


  2. I may have to get that Ninja Turtles pole I was eyeing the other day. My daughter is too young for it… and she’s a girl, but she’ll grow into it.


    • Zack, you really need to get that for her. The only way she is going to learn is if she sees you using it…. and slaying it. Plus I used to have a ninja turtle action figure when I was a kid and I turned out awesome. 😉 Good luck!

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