Hey, I Have a Logo and I’m Afraid of Ticks

Mammaflybox Adventures Logo

Check out my new logo. I know you are thinking that I really have it all together and I am a professional because I have a logo. Even though its kind of fun to believe this for a minute, Ill fill you in on the facts:  anyone can buy a logo (shh) . This one was created by graphic designer, Ricky Codilla. Hey Ricky, you’re so fine…at graphic design. I’m also kind of a rapper, but don’t tell anyone that either. 

I appreciate this logo because not only do I have my baby in a front pack, but I have a huge trout on my line. And the fish is jumping right towards my baby and I am looking the other way. I enjoy this, because it resembles real life to me- its a sort of awkward, extremely cool and ‘why would anyone do that?’ kind of thing I have going on. 

What I have going on is what thousands of people around the world are doing: taking their kids outside, teaching them to fish, and forcing everyone on instagram and facebook to look at my pictures. I find it entertaining when people ask me for fishing with kids advice or about waders, etc. I aint no professional people, Im just an over-sharer, and hopefully, an encourager.  My hope has always been that people will find my over-sharing entertaining and that it would inspire them to take their kids outside, try fly fishing, and overall just be thier own weird selves. 

I know I make it sound easy (and terrifying), but you should know that I keep things from you… Like how we have already done our first camping trip of the year and then had to pick 8 ticks off of my dogs…and then I freaked out at a whole new level of crazy, causing my kids to be terrified of the outdoors and my dogs to feel abused and my house the cleanest it ever has been in its life. I’m so glad I spent two days bombing my house and found only a dead rolley polley, coffee bean, and a thistle. Here let me show you a picture of what I ripped off of my dog:


This is ‘fat bottom’, my kids named it before they knew what it was. For the record, if you put them in peroxide, they blow up to the size of a grape. I’m sorry, I might have just ruined your day/appetite. But you need to know that even if this happens to you, everyone survives and the kids forget about it after a few weeks. Ticks suck….

So, I’m planning some seriously crazy trips this summer with my kids- yellowstone, ocean, camping, *cough* fishing…. Expect a bunch of over-sharing and probably unrealistic planning in the beginning. Do you ever do that: plan a bunch and then go camping once and you are like, ok that was good enough for the year, check it off your childhood memory bank list kids, it’s public pool time. I used to do that, but now that my kids are older than 2, and easily entertained with a pile of dirt, I’m going for the mountains.

 I’m sure I will have some moments of just full on crying and second guessing my sanity, but its better than sitting at home afraid to leave the air conditioner. Who’s with me? 


The picture is where we accumulated a village of ticks…but I still believe it was worth it. Look at all that peace out there, while you are scratching your neck.

If you are a fly fishing parent, or outdoor parent, and would be interested in sharing a story, send me a note! I’d love to have more guest bloggers. And most importantly, what do you do if redbox doesnt work? And do you like my logo? 😉 Tight lines, parents and people. Tight lines and tick-free dogs indeed.


9 thoughts on “Hey, I Have a Logo and I’m Afraid of Ticks

    • Thanks, Timmy! I have a friend helping me with the .com but we are both so busy…. Ready for it though. Yes and I added bleach too. We used dish soap to get them out but read later that can be bad because the tick can bite harder. Grosssss. I hate them!


  1. Looking good…be sure to keep that wonderful streak of unprofessional-ism as you forge your way into the wonderful world of branding!!!! Really, the logo is unique, genuine, snappy, and well, yes, professional. Very well done.


    • Ah, yes, Stephanie, the road to branding has been a difficult one. I’m not sure about branding but I know its not nice to label. I am moving my site to a .com someday so a dude helping me suggested a logo and was kind enough to hook me up. If anyone wants a shirt or hat, they are $500 a piece, for the next half of a minute! Thanks for stopping by! Hope the dry fly action is heating up over there for you!!


  2. Oh. And guest blog, I will, if you ever need my fish-meets-life ability to channel . . . Every now and then I do it over here. Lately, I’m up to all kinds of other mischief. Like trying to get a Tenkara rod into Mercer’s hands.

    I figure since he didn’t he didn’t get shot up by cartels in Columbia, he’s game for anything.


    • hahaha So funny. I would LOVE for you to do a guest post Ron. You are hilarious. Shoot me an email if you come up with anything anytime! You are up to so much mischeif, I love it. As far as a logo, I think the picture of you jumping in the air with your gutar would be awesome- with a Tenkara rod in there somewhere, maybe some sort of bizare, abstract design somewhere that is confusing, yet deep and meaningful! 😉 Thanks, friend!

      Liked by 1 person

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