The goal of Mammaflybox blog site is to invite and encourage families to find adventure together in the great outdoors. The second goal is to make you chuckle a bit at my attempts to mix parenting and my fly fishing addiction, with hope that at the end of reading my stories you will think, ‘If she can do it, I can too’.

Bio: Kaitlin is a freelance writer, blogger, and program coordinator for The Mayfly Project. She grew up in Northern Idaho and has lived in California, Washington, and she says Alaska too, (even though only for a summer, but it does make her sound cool). With over 15 years working in the mental health field, she is pleased to be providing opportunities to take children in foster care fly fishing, as well as freelance writing. Kaitlin is a mom of three wildly creative children, wife of a patient husband, and is blessed to be a part of several amazing fly fishing groups. She has been published in a variety of magazines, guest blogged, developed program content, website writing and advertising content, and some ghost writing (not the scary kind). 

A few other random things she says about herself:

I enjoy a good living room dance party with my kids. I would fly fish or be outdoors every single day if I could; and I think more women would find peace, self-confidence, and grit if they started fly fishing (I’m a huge advocate for this). I’m waiting for someone to hire me to blog while I travel around the country with my family in an RV. I equally love being near people and being away from people.  I am super competitive with cards (the kind you play, not the kind you send to people; that is a really good competition to start though). I’m getting better at recycling.  I volley back and forth between over-sharing and under-sharing in every relationship in my life, but I did play volleyball in college for two years. 

I chose ‘Mamaflybox’ because I think we show ourselves to others in the same way we choose a fly to tie on to our lines: let me show you ‘this fly’ because then you will want to be my friend. And let me show you ‘this other fly’ because I don’t want you to know that I wear yoga pants all day long until I have to go do something outside and then when I come home I put them on again. I’ve also had to pull hooks out of my kids’ fingers a couple times, so, there’s that part of my name as well… 

Humans are weird and I like that.

So with a little bit of quirkiness, a past that has had it’s share of bumps, a bunch of faith, a trout addiction and a humble approach to life, I hope to encourage and share some of my sometimes very strange thoughts and stories with the world.

Tight Lines,

Mamma Fly Box, Kaitlin Barnhart

Email me about fly fishing, freelance writing, or if you want to hire me to blog from an RV, while homeschooling my children and fly fishing across the world: barnhartkab@yahoo.com or kaitlin@themayflyproject


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