I Tried To Catch Babies

Hey, whats this in the weeds? Its a baby. Awesome. 

Hey, you want this baby? Cheaper than adoption. You’re welcome lady!

In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, I thought I would share this amazing clip of the guy on the buffalo. I’m not sure you will get how amazing it is until you watch it a few times.  You’re welcome. Moms come in all different ways- from the mom who carries us in their bellies, to the woman at the store who tells us we have tucked our skirt into our underwear. It takes all kinds of women to make this world go around and I don’t think they get enough credit.

I always knew I would be a mom because I had an awesome mom growing up who made it seem like it was all pretty easy. I wanted to be a mom so badly that I would set traps in my back yard for babies; so if someone didnt want their baby anymore they could put them in my trap and I would raise them. I would check it before school and was always severly disapointed I didn’t catch a baby…. ;(

But even just the word ‘Motherhood’ makes me tear up if I pause and reflect. Being a mom makes me realize how much my mother sacraficed for me and how hard she had to work. The other day I thought, ‘I don’t remember my mom wearing yoga pants as much as I do. She always had herself put together!’

And then she had to raise teenagers as a single parent- how terrifying does that sound!? I can’t even imagine trying to figure out what the kids were up to or even just feeding them sounds exhausting. But she handled it with such grace and loved us so hard that we didnt even realize it was so much work. Even after she raised us, she raised my a couple of my cousins too. Someone get this mom her own island for crying out loud! 

Because of what she has done, Mother’s Day makes me nervous. How could I ever re-pay her for what she has done for all of us? Every gift I think of immediately depresses me because I think, ‘Oh thanks for sacraficing yourself and letting us suck the life out of you, here’s some flowers that will die in a few days’. I usually cant figure out what to give her so I just give her a fist bump and say, mama you cool. (So I dont have to cry). 

My mom and I dressed up.

My mom and I dressed up.

 I never caught a kid in my traps, but I still couldn’t wait to meet my babies someday. After my husband had brain cancer, the doctors told us he would not be able to have kids. Maybe this is another reason I start to cry when thinking of motherhood, because only a few weeks after we were told I would never house a baby mixed with both of us, I found out I was pregnant. We named her ‘Miracle’ (not her real name). Then the blessings just kept flowing, with 2 more baby boys.

I never knew I could love something so strong as I love my little family. The feeling is sometimes terrifying, knowing that at our love makes us so vulnerable. What if they don’t love us back or end up leaving us? I can’t say there isnt a day that I dont laugh, reel with joy, do silly faces, yell their names so loud the neighbors 3 houses down can hear, think ‘this is hard’, think ‘this is amazing’ and wish I could freeze this moment in a life-like movie so when they are older, I can come back here and breath in these moments over and over.

Yes, I’m a weird mom, but my kids seem to respond well to it. I got this precious card yesterday and I was so blown away by how well my daughter knows me! Yes, I only weigh 10 lbs. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be 30 my whole life if I can. 


Thank you to all of the moms that have been in my life and made me love and ‘get through’ motherhood. And thank you to God for giving me my children when the world told me it would never happen. And cheers to my girlfriends who are in the trenches right now with motherhood. I don’t know how we all do it, but we are pretty amazing. 😉

My mom is here this weekend with me! And I’m going to make her hold a trout hopefully!  Hug your mama-people out there; they need some love!


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