PB&J From the Hood


There’s something about a PB&J from the hood that tastes so much better than the kitchen kind. Perhaps it’s the way I dump a half cup of PB on each sandwich, hoping it will help satiate the rascals for at least a half hour. Food is always the ticket, until it isn’t anymore.

My rule of, ‘eat what ever you want at the river’, has led to some longer river-days than expected, but when my angry middle child hailed from the back seat, yelling he wanted something healthy, I knew it was time to re-visit the rules I have created. Next time, I’ll throw in some more vegis and force feed them some seaweed. Hungry tummies can wreck a fishing day, but so can a kid puking, something I felt I should share today. The dried cherries I brought for this family trip were found in the back seat, mixed with an assortment of dog hair and hopefully mud. I was still winning- two kids were running around happy and one was in the car playing games on dad’s phone, husband was sitting by the fire, dogs were running around anywhere they wanted, daughter was shooting her bow and arrow, and I was rigging up my fly rod to throw some streamers. We were out of town, on a rainy saturday, in the mountains, next to a river…and it was good.

Besides bringing an assortment of snacks, my other general rule is to get as far away from cell service or other people as possible.

10644318_10207310230865479_2555280475795430618_o I looked around to see if anyone was driving by or walking the river in exploration, curious with the quietness I found not too far from town. It’s interesting, at one point in my life I felt uncomfortable if I was alone out in the woods, and also if there were people around me- I felt almost unqualified to be in the woods alone and then a bit fearful that I would certainly die if I was alone. The more you go, the more you realize your feelings are sometimes just stupid. And the more I haul my family to these outdoor spaces, the more I realize how special this time is with them and I don’t give a flip how strange we look. It’s often unorganized and unexpected, but it’s always worth it (I haven’t told you the story from fall yet where I took 5 kids and my mother to the river. I’m still not ready to share).

Deep thoughts. I looked over to see my daughter had decided she needed to go pee in the woods, only her confidence in finding a place to water the ground was a bit of an overshot as she was behind the car, facing the road…. We’re working on this. My little guy yelled, ‘Mom, come take a picture of me looking at the fire’, and I did.


Then we did all kinds of strange things that didn’t include any planning or grand ideas:


I’m not sure what he is doing here…. I never really know what he is doing, actually.

580368_10207317972739021_5915150010740066929_n (1)

This is where we played ‘log roll’ for a while. It was a safe game; playing it right next to the car was smart too. The table my dude used for his sandwich wasn’t the best place, resulting in a win for the black lab and a good 10 minute cry from the dude. He did some pretty sweet log rolls to cheer up though. Then the girls went on a hunt for fish and hills we could shoot. I kind of had a fail moment (see pant legs), it was all down my back side too. My daughter thought it was hilarious to see mom slide down a hill. Waders would have been a good idea as I spent about 5 straight minutes trying to decide if putting my feet in freezing snow runoff water was worth getting to the island. I did the grown-up thing and stayed dry…then rolled down a mud hill. #winning #outdoorfail

I meant for this post to encourage you to take your family to the woods this weekend and dink around, but, if you are a fly fisher, this most likely has encouraged you to leave your kids at home with your spouse and run away as fast as possible. I didn’t see another single family out on our day of adventure, not one, which tells me I’m either incredibly dense, or that I need to share with the world how fun being outdoors together can be. No one ended up puking, and no one wanted to leave. No fish were caught but we did see some wildlife, giggle, eat bad food, and stretch our minds a bit. Mooooose.


I’m still not sure if this was all mud…but the smile was worth it.

12799339_10207317972499015_7477740776822523797_n (1)

Don’t wait for Spring to get outside, like everyone else. Get those kids in the mud and teach them how to pee in the woods. Campfires are warm and cheetos are free. Bring your waders and toilet paper.

12803206_10207317973659044_6530821208520337334_n (1)Cheers. ( I need a full fishing day)


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