The Weird Lady’s Purse


Just sharing a few things I found in my purse….What might this say about me? Maybe that I am prepared to throw pop tarts for the kids, make a sea shell/gum juice art project, and I might have a slight addiction to fishing? I notice I’m also ready to help anyone out with some mayo for their turkey sandwhich and if they needed a fire to cook it, I have a random lighter too, (but they need to get their own plates, I can’t do everything for them sheesh). When the kids are done eating their smashed pop tarts, I’ll bust out the transformer robot for my sons and take those yellowstone jewels in my purse and hide them for the kids to search for…. That should buy me a solid half hour of peace and quiet/river time. I’m not sure what will happen if I mix the Easy Dry Loop powder with the medicated mouth wash…that will be a great science experiment if I really needed to entertain. We may not survive in the woods with what I have chosen to stash in my purse, but it looks like we will be having a good time for a while at least.

If you think this is bad, you should see my car. The process of moving didn’t help either- I’ve been carrying around a pack and play for about three weeks because I don’t know what to do with it or who it belongs to. Today I accidentally parked on a hill so when my mom opened the door, about two hand fulls of cheetos/cereal and misc garbage rolled out. I found a dried up diaper and my son has been potty trained for two months now. I hook myself in the hand everytime I try to pull down my visor. Well, I always say if we were to somehow fall off the grid, we could live for about a week just on the crumbs under my kid’s car seats. And I don’t know why this happens, but EVERY TIME I clean my car out, I end up wishing I hadn’t, because its like a traveling suit case and when a kid pees their pants or falls in mud, you just go digging around. Its like a traveling yard sale…. I remember I had a bag of cuties break open in the back seat once and everywhere we went, a little orange cutie rolled its way down the road like we were throwing candy at a parade. Ironically, we were all sick at the time and I felt like it was emulating the viruses we were spreading to the community everywhere we went…

With all of the serious things going on, like how we are waiting for our rental to be available so we are camping at our family’s house, and how the entire North West is on Fire which almost makes me cry, I felt like you needed to see a crazy woman’s purse. Maybe it will make you feel like you really do have things more put together than you originally thought of yourself. Glad I could help. I was really mad when I decided to leave my purse at home though and made it to the river last week…..WHY would I ever take anything out of my car?!!! Why?! Well I still caught a fish that was smiling, so it all ended up fine. Lets avoid real life problems and ask questions like: Anyone else have strange items in their purse/wallet? 


   Just keep smiling. Just keep smiling. Its kind of sad actually, no doubt this fish has had some unwanted reconstruction via hook procedure. We still made eye contact and I felt like he was saying that I was going to be ok and that I was a weirdo, but at least I was a happy weirdo. 😉


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