Sometimes, It’s A FAIL



Just so you know, sometimes things fail miserably.

When you are fishing in the warmer winter season and you watch your two-year old confidently follow you into the water with his snow boots on. Ankle deep in the water, assuming his boots are waterproof too, he says, “Fish. Mom.” And I say, “Where is your dad?”……………….Fail

When you drive for two hours into the mountains and get a flat tire about five miles from the river, without a tire iron…And hilbillies fix it for you and then you turn around and go right back home…..Fail


When you don’t sign your kids (under 10 yrs old up) for sports because you don’t want to lose your family fishing weekends………………….Fail

 When you rescue baby fish from your fish tank and raise them for three months…. And then you get tired of taking care of everyone so you dump them into the big tank (during feeding time, thinking the other fish would be too busy eating to notice them) and the 3 out of 9 survives……………………….Fail

Rest in Peace my fishies

Rest in Peace my fishies

When you’re surprised that after fishing in the freezing, windy, cold river, you’re ear infection is now joined with body chills and strep throat….and you still go fishing again…………………Epic Fail (still recovering)

When your family is sick and you forget to get your daughter’s school work- and instead of trying to get the giant stack of homework done, you consider running away to rural Alaska and re-starting life with your family…..Fail


This is “you”, flying away from responsibilities.

When you drop your reel on ice and bend it, and then use your husband’s reel and drop that one on ice too…and bend it….. No warranty paper work = Fail

When you get a new yellow lab puppy to be your fishing buddy, but don’t want to take them to the river because they are annoying…..Fail

When your best friend’s family comes to stay and you want to do a family river day- but you can’t seem to get two families ready for the river until you only have 3 hours of sunlight left…….Fail

My partner in crime

My partner in crime

When you take your kids for a short hike and run into a bee nest, and each kid gets stung twice and you and your kids have irrational fears of bees now. Like seriously, bee nightmares and leaving playgrounds if you see one yellow jacket……Fail

When you are haunted by a fish you couldn’t catch or a river you cant seem to make time to get to, so you eat carbs and sugar instead…….Fail


When the hot dogs gets eaten by the puppy while no one is paying attention. When the 5-year-old decides to eat 2 rows of ritz crackers in the car, over the dvd player. When it looks like just mud, but ends up being a sludge puddle, resulting in a full kid outfit change….. Fail

When your friend notices your two-year-old has a hammer in the car and is getting ready to hit the back window………Winning

When you go to get your coffee cup out of the car and its filled to the brim with special river rocks…….Winning

When you find a hot spring in the middle of no where…….Winning

When your daughter asks for waders for her birthday……Winning

When your son agrees to hold a fish for the first time……Winning


When you get to sit by the camp fire with your family and laugh. Or lose cell service, or don’t see your laundry pile for a few days. When you start planning ways to live even simpler so you can enjoy the important things….Winning

When you think the American Dream is not your top priority and decide to be a mom/fisher/writer. And you purchase cheap waders to use until you can get back to pre-baby weight and buy nice waders, but the cheap ones are starting to wear out and your baby is almost 3……I say Winning, because either way, the waders are worn out and the kids are happy, which is never a bad thing. 


You win some, you lose some. But in the end, who is really keeping track? Life is like a box of chocolates, only with sick viruses, immature parenting decisions and kids who aren’t afraid to get their feet wet.

I’m not sure who this “You” lady is in this story, but I’m not going to judge her. Sounds like she needs some new waders, vitamins, a mobile baby sitter, a bee attacking system, a car that cleans itself out and a fly fishing trip to Alaska. 😉 And bless her crazy heart for trying to save the babies in the fish tank….even if she totally failed. 

This is me. I like to play with fish.

This is me. I like to play with fish.


8 thoughts on “Sometimes, It’s A FAIL

  1. If there is not going to be any fishing, then I am not going. 🙂 This said from one who has been one time. I think once you visit Alaska you are hooked (no pun intended) and want to return to its beauty and serenity.


    • So true. I lived in Iliamna and worked at a sport fishing lodge after college. I think about it every day:) The serenity is addicting. Have a great time. I hope you blog about it!


  2. You know, even those fails up there? They’re still kind of wins. Because you’re trying, right? You haven’t given up. You still wake up in the morning with good intention, still strive for experience, for making adventure happen, for doing more and buying less. I think you’re winning, and that you’re doing great as a mom.

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    • Thanks, Aimee! Im sure my kids will have some stories to tell when they grow up, maybe in counseling, but it was worth the try :). Same goes for you- Gus is one lucky little dude to have such cool parents! Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. Very cool! I laughed a bunch! I had a similar fail with the not signing my kids up for extracurricular activities because I didn’t want those activities to get in the way of our fishing/travelling….. I decided to change that this year. So far so good 🙂 I would add that I’m not apposed to them skipping anything that would get in the way of our outdoors time, though!


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