Finding My Weirdos


 I can’t stop thinking about a cow I passed while driving home this weekend: it was just standing in field alone, with its head about a foot from a lonely telephone pole and engaged in a staring contest with it. I’m certain this cow would be my friend if we were the same species. The other cows are out in a group, grazing merrily, and this cow was out there trying to talk to a pole or contemplate whether or not it is a tree. But the thing is, thankfully, I have found some of my own weirdos.

I knew I had found ‘one of my people’ when we were fishing in the blowing rain and she said, “This is so fun”. Prior to this, I was nervous to truly inform her of my bizarre ideas of fun, so I was glad to find out she was a freak, just like me.  

Actually, on one recent trip I realized she was even crazier than I (this is where I tell a story). She was like, “Do you want to go for a long drive in the snow to fish in the rain all day”, and I at first said, “heck ya”, but then realized that I was a bit nervous about it all. My friend, Meagan, didn’t even second guess the decision; she had a river on her brain and she was going for it. 

After I listed all the ways I could die, while packing all kinds of emergency situation gear, (you know in case we screamed and no one heard us for a few days), and thinking of excuses to avoid the rain filled day, I decided I would kick myself for missing out on an adventure…. so I went for it. By the time I was on the road, I was giddy, like a cow and a telephone pole. 

When we made it down the snowy road and across the icy bridge to the water, the sun actually came out. It was like we had made it through the perils of a video game ‘level one’ and were celebrated with some sunshine. I don’t know about Meagan, she probably was just like, ‘yeah we made it so what’. But I took a moment to feel alive- we could have died in so many ways, but we are alive and the sun is out!


Something happened with motherhood, I became a bit of a sissy. Now I have to really talk myself into some adventures like a coach trying to win the game. Come on, get your butt out there.

There were glimpses of that old broad after I realized I hadn’t died yet. The thing about fly fishing is when you get to the river, you immediately forget all of the things you are worried about. Its like a switch gets flipped in my brain where I only care about catching fish and soaking in the quiet. 


I caught my first rainbow of the day on an emerger and then decided to try some dries because I could see they were hammering a few BWOs on the surface in January! Then it was on, the hatch was a blast. We went around to another spot, where Meagan saw them stacked in the river, and we passed some very large animal tracks. I assumed wolf, but we later found out from a biologist they were mountain lion tracks (dark ominous sounds). 


I was secretly excited to find some animal tracks like this, because it meant we were out defying even more odds of demise, which added to the adventure. I might have looked behind me a bit more after that, but after ten minutes, I forgot all about it. This is really stupid actually, maybe I should be more afraid for my life when fishing…… But the thing is, I’ve been out there so many times, fished next to grizzlies and hiked in moose and cougar infested forests and NEVER had a bad interaction. I think these things that we are afraid of keep us from the adventure of life, when in reality we will most likely will never even see the dangers created in our minds. 

A while later, I was fishing upstream a ways from Meagan,  I heard a huge crashing sound down the mountain. My reaction really makes me afraid for myself: in my brain I said, ‘Eh, it’s probably a moose or something’. And I just kept fishing! On our way out, we came around the corner to find a giant boulder in the road and noticed that the temperature had heated up, so all the boulders that were held in by the snow, were starting to tumble down the canyon. 


We looked at each other and both agreed that with dusk on the horizon, it was time to get the heck out of death canyon. I drove out of that canyon like I was running from the mafia (?). We made it to the top, and were relieved to have survived the part of the video game where someone throws boulders at us. (que video game sounds). Winning!

The next day, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun I had at the river and I was craving that adrenaline rush. Remeber I cried to an AC/DC song once because it reminded me of adventure? I didn’t share much with some of my other people, because when I tell them that it was the most fun I have had in a while and it was raining, snowing, spattered with cougar tracks, and boulders falling from the sky, they would really second guess my sanity. 

But isn’t life much like a video game at times? We won’t make it to the next level unless we make a run for it, with faith and hope that we won’t get ran over by boulders! 

Few, I’m so glad I found some people like me, even the not fishy kind, they are pretty strange and I adore them. You have to be willing to allow your weirdness come out, or you will never find your weirdos. 😉

In regards to risk-taking and weirdos, I’ll mention my one year anniversary was last weekend for my blog! I remember thinking, ‘so you just write things down and people read it?’ Well I have met so many weirdos this past year from my writing. I’ve been able to spread my strangeness in a few magazines, meet people across the continent that want to fish someday, started writing for a part-time job, and ultimately learned that I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  

Here is my most recent article, published in Kype Magazine- about another adventure fishing with kids. If you are a fly fishing parent, you may relate. Click here: Kype Magazine 

Here are some of my other weirdos from last weekend. I love them. And for the record, my friend Aimee loves homeless people and is a good person.





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