Bucket List Publications, Author: Kaitlin B. (that’s me)


Back to Real Life

While walking away from the river to head to my car, I always take one last glance at the serenity behind me. I usually sigh and say to myself,

“Now back to real life”….. As if the river were a door to another world and I am stepping out of it.

Like a Transformer robot, I start to take off my waders, break down my fly rod, and tuck my flies away safely, turning back into the ‘real life person’ from the ‘free range undefined outdoors person’. It must be some messed up version of The Chronicles of Narnia I have constructed in my brain- to create two separate worlds that I jump in and out of? Either I am a genius for finding a way to use nature to escape from reality or I need a psychotherapist ASAP.

So far, my separate persona that checks in the baggage of all things of ‘real life world’ with the slam of my car door, is really working for me. The expectations and set roles I move around in during real life flee from my mind the further I get from the road; I turn into just me, next to a tree, sitting on a rock, becoming part of nature’s story instead of juggling a million stories. I can fall or do some quirky river dance, or make strange sounds to the moon and no one is there to judge me…..

………Continue reading at Bucket List Publications……Click Here

{That’s not the end….I thought I should put the rest on their site, since they are the publishers 😉 Sorry! I know it seems like a lot of work, but just click and you will feel better.  And then have some coffee, maybe throw a stick for your dog and then come back to tell me if you can relate 😉

Thank you to Bucketlist Publications for the guest blog opportunity! So fun to see so many people liking and viewing my {always strange} piece.

~Kaitlin (for those that don’t know my name- I sound mysterious, but really I just forgot to put it on my blog). 😉


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