My Quirky Poem in Dun Magazine

Well, I wrote something a while ago that was so silly I wasn’t sure I would share it with anyone besides my close friends, who are just as weird as I am.  But then I got an itch to make someone smile and it ended up in the lovely Dun Magazine. For those of you that follow my blog,  you probably already know it’s a bit strange, mixed with a tisk of over-sharing, and doused with a few tablespoons of humiliation. I just hope it gives someone, who remembers what it was like to break their first fly rod, a nice holiday-Santa-ish chuckle. 

This a great time of  year to take a chill pill (not drugs, more like some tea or a deep breath), and kick your feet up on the couch and read through this great magazine. Since the windy rain wrecked my fishing plans today, I so enjoyed reading about women on fly fishing adventures and looking at the color-drenched pictures. And then I blushed a bit at the end…Who writes an awkward poem about missing their broken fly rod? 😉 

May you have a most blessed and magical Christmas this week. Even though your in-laws are visiting and you have free babysitting, it doesn’t mean you should spend the entire Christmas at the river, (but make sure you have your gear all packed and ready to go just in case). 

I’m not sure how you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, but I’ll be singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and we will more than likely be acting out the happenings of a little baby Savior born in a manger! To be even more honest, I’ll also be celebrating when the tree gets taken down as well. Hahaha Ho, Ho, Ho, Cough, Cough 

Merry Christmas!

A Farewell Ode to My Fly Rod- Page 124, Dun Magazine, Winter Edition, 2014


A Farewell Ode to My Fly Rod~ Page 124 Kaitiln Barnhart



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