Necessary Nature Moments

One evening this week greeted me with moments of glee and unexpected introspection as my family piled on the couch, watching “The Rocky Mountain Fly Highway” on TV (breathtaking moments on some of the rivers we fish in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, etc).

After a muddled time of stumbling through Thanksgiving and then feeling the pressures of Christmas around the corner, I was relieved to watch something fishy and adventure-inspiring.  

As we watched, my two year old son would get up and dance when the music played; it is so adorable the way he shakes his little tushy. My five year old son was interested in looking for his ‘friend on the river’, but then quickly realized its a fishing show and asks,

“When is this going to be over, mom”?

  But I was touched by my daughter’s reaction to the show: she sat there right next to me and with every river that appeared on the screen she would ask,

“Have you been there? Did we camp there last summer? What kind of fish is that, mom?”

A part of the show came on that featured a father and teenage daughter who love to float the South Fork of the Boise River together; and I have to say it made me a bit misty-eyed. The father was talking about how much he enjoyed the quality time with his daughter, and his daughter actually started to cry when talking about how much she loved the river and time with her dad. At such a vulnerable time in her life, to have moments like this on the river with her father is beyond just a beautiful moment- it is a necessary moment for all teenagers, I believe.

After we watched the girl catch a huge rainbow trout from the boat, my daughter stood up and put her hands on her hips and said,

“Mom- that would make you so happy if I was your fisher-girl, huh?”

I laughed and smiled,

“No, daughter, what makes me most happy is having a daughter just like you. But if you ever want to go, I would love to take you”.

The dad on the show talked about one day when they fished all day and they came up empty handed- and his daughter stood in awe of the scenery, and said she is ‘just glad to be at the river’. He described this moment as a time where he realized that she “gets it”; “It” being the reason fly fishing is such a powerful experience.

As I looked over at my own daughter, I started to think about this interaction and realized I can’t help but covet this time he has with his daughter and hope for my own children to “get it”. I think “It” is not necessarily a fly fishing addiction (however I would be proud), but for me, “It” is a way of life, a connection with the outdoors, a desire to find the beauty that is right in front of our eyes and to then go experience it.

While in this thought process, I’ll also say that  some of the things I hope for my children are that: they do not look to the ‘world’ for their fulfillment, they do not depend on monetary things to make them happy, and they never lose their child-like perspectives of seeing the beauty in everyday life. I pray that they not only “get it”, but that they long to connect with the creator of these mountains, rivers, and sunsets and that nature will always leave them wanting more of it. 

When the show moved on to displaying the Boise River my kids jumped around yelling,

“That is where we live!”

And when it got to the Owyhee River, they said,

 “That’s where we camp and mom fishes all the time!!”

My 5 yr. old son jumped on my lap and said, “Is it over yet?”

The end credits came on and my two year old got off the couch and started shaking his booty again. My daughter grabbed the purple scarf next to her and pretended to cast while dancing.

I have hopes for them, but I could not ask for more than what I get to enjoy in this very moment. Minus the new fishing destinations swirling in my mind, I am more than content and in awe of this life, the rivers I get to fish, and the people I have been given to love.

I hope for everyone to have a more child-like perspective during this Christmas Season, and find some wonderment in nature and in searching for the hope that is in the true ‘Reason for the Season!

This ‘To Do’ list is more my style and would be a better example to my kids anyways. It is missing this though:   7. Go to the store  river and make memories!


*I believe this video is available at Costco in Southern Idaho and Online. Neat to see a couple of my new fly fishing friends on there as well! Go ladies- woot woot

And sorry if you receive emails and I could not get my post to show up correctly….oops. 😉


2 thoughts on “Necessary Nature Moments

  1. This is really lovely. And I agree; it will be great if Gus loves fly fishing, but it will be even better and more rewarding if he loves the world and the beauty of each moment.


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