Fishgiving Re-Post

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Since it is Thanksgiving, and its the only time of year we are told to say why we are thankful, I will say on top of all the normal reasons I am thankful-family, friends, God, rivers, tacos….I am thankful for YOU readers who make me smile with your comments and make me feel less crazy by your ‘likes’. When you ‘like’ I assume you are agreeing that I am normal. I enjoy reading your blogs as well and think you are amazing.

If I could send you a Thanksgiving card it would probably have a picture of a trout on it and I would make it have reigns. I would be riding it with a saddle and behind it would be a long sign that says, “I Like You”. I would be waving and probably have my kids holding on to the fins- we all know my husband will be holding on for dear life off of the sign ;). Swim on people, swim on. Enjoy your awkward Thanksgiving meals and try to find some love at your tables. These are the good things….

I am also thankful that I started blogging-  I underestimated the power of blogging to move me more towards where I want to go! I am re-posting this because it has recently gained a bunch of attention on facebook, thanks to the fly fishing gals and gents who have shared it. Read about When Married People Fish by clicking on this link: 

Married People Who Fish Together…Stay To____..


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