Beware of the Snow Covered Mini Vans!


I don’t know what has happened, I’m still trying to sort through it, but I’m pretty sure mini vans are allergic to snow. Every day on our way to school this week (everyday), I witnessed with my own eyes some form of spastic snow driving or the aftermath of poor snow driving decisions. Today was my favorite though (mind you its been 6 days since it snowed and these things are still happening).

Me: Waiting at stop sign.

Spastic Driver: Goes to turn left to be in front of me on the road. Does not slow down in the slightest and then slams on breaks in the middle of the turn. Then spins a slow 360 while his arms were flailing about- all to end up in the ditch. He does a 50 point back and forth turn and then continues to drive off- without even a wave towards me of “Sorry, I’m a horrid driver” or “Hope you enjoyed the show”.

Me: I’m so glad he didn’t get stuck because I would have a hard time not slapping him in the back of the head and throwing his keys into the farm field next to us. 

Next situation, 

Same Spastic Driver: Attains  speed limit speed (which is stupid) and hits ice chunks in the road, which makes me laugh because it knocks him around a bit. Then…4-way stop sign ahead…He slams on his brakes AGAIN and shluffs through the intersection. The other cars honk and he honks back like he is the one annoyed with the stop sign.  Then he pulls into the high school parking lot and I was like, “Oh, I see”.

Moments after, I came across a mini van that is off in the ditch and has hit an electrical box that is nearly 20 ft off of the road….how is this even possible? She must have been driving 50 miles per hour on the ice for that to happen? The woman is out of her car with her insurance papers in her hand and yelling at someone on the phone like it was their fault they put the electrical box so far from the road. 

The police lights are still flaring around town, there are cars parked in the middle of fields- abandoned because of the unimaginable need for tow trucks. And I have not seen one single snow plow or one single person on the street trying to educate people how to drive in the snow. Where are all of the red-necks with their big trucks pulling their friends out of the snow? Could we at least get a sand truck or a farmer who wants to do good for his town and mix a pesticide-snow-melting concoction for us?

Yes, there was a no school day which was needed, but there should be more of an alert system for these moms/dads who have to take their kids to school. A general email should be used that says,

“Yes there is school today, but if you don’t know how to drive in the white stuff we will pay you to stay at home and teach your kids something”. Sincerely, your entire community.

Maybe the government could pay some of the homeless people to hold snow driving tips signs out at the intersections- thats a win-win if you ask me. Can we commandeer the radio stations to re- educate these southern Idahoans on the physics behind ice-meets-tires and breaks? Someone has to do something here- Im afraid to even go to the store because of what my eyes have seen this week.

One of my other favorite situations this week, which just sounds so rude, started with a car that had slid off of the road about 5 feet. The  tow truck was out there blocking the ‘after school traffic’ just so that he could move this car five feet (again where are the rednecks when we need them).

So the diverted traffic was then stuck in line or could choose to drive around the truck and on the ice chunks in the middle of the road. All of a sudden, a woman driving a white mini van decided she is going to take charge and rally around the line of traffic like she was driving a hummer and on her way to have her baby. She hit the center fold ice chunk and it rammed her car into the other lane, where she met an icy road….

She then spun around in slow motion and ended up facing the other direction on the road.

She paused. The line of cars, tow truck driver, and I all watched while holding our breath.

She put the van back in drive,and continued driving like she meant to be going the opposite direction (#humble pie #life lessons #laughter). 

I called my husband before driving my kids to school today and asked him how the roads were because it looked like freezing rain.

He said- “Its fine, you have driven in worse conditions than this”.

I said, “I am not worried about my car, I am worried about the mini vans….” 

I loved this snow white picture because that is what is happening- people think they are special and that the snow conditions won’t effect their day. Or they are believing that they do not need to secretly Google ‘how to drive in the snow’…For the record, you can Google that kind of stuff, no one really knows.

I’m not telling you what to do though. Good luck and God Speed! – Snow white.

{For the record, the roads are really bad here and even the most experienced snow drivers could end up in 360′ s…I just have never seen so much of this happening at once (this is my way of saying I hope not to offend my friends that have indeed slid off the roads- I was almost a victim of this myself).  I want to go to the river to fish, but it seems so far away with all of the county roads I have to drive through and people I need to avoid!}






5 thoughts on “Beware of the Snow Covered Mini Vans!

  1. Ugh I don’t know how you do it. I can’t imagine if my area had snow (Silicon Valley), the drivers here are all horrible enough without it. You should see what happens when it sprinkles rain. You’d think it was a blizzard.

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