Not-So-Pro, Pro-Staff



I’m thinking about starting a new movement in fly fishing. Its called being on the ‘Not so Pro- Pro Staff’- its where you are paid for being both a marginal fly fisher and a more than decent human being. Actually, its not focused on your fly fishing skills at all- its measured by how much you love being in the river. Maybe Ill call it ‘river-jolly-ness’. Here is my slogan: “Non-pro pro staff: decent people doing average things on the river. 

If you are the kind of fly fisherman/woman that is raising kids or working an over full time job to support your family, and you can only get to the river about once a month,- Ill send you an invite from the ‘Not so Pro staff’. If you are the kind of fisher that generally only gets out for about two hours at a time due to all the ways you are being an awesome human being (and when you do get to the river you just smile the entire time even though you catch the tiniest fish), then you may be invited to be a gold studded non-pro pro staff member.

I don’t know how we will stud you with gold, but hopefully it will include something you enjoy.  

As a non-pro staffer, you will join our weekly meetings where we talk about the LDRs (long distance releases) and SDRs (short distance releases) we experienced. We will share our pictures of the failed attempts at river-selfies and the fish we couldn’t figure out how to hold in our hands. Off limit topics will be topics of trophy sizes, graceful wading techniques, competition fly fishing, how cool we are, or anything about fancy gear.

On topic discussions will be about second hand store scores, stuff we won in contests, the animals we saw, the people we brought to the river, and the garbage we packed out of the river. We will probably talk about other things too, like beards and blizzards, because as non-pro staffers, we hardly ever get out on the water. 

If you are paid to be a non-pro pro staffer than you have meet some tedious requirements: fly fish 2-3 times per month, wear waders that you hardly spent any money on, take kids fly fishing instead of stalking a trophy by yourself all the time, and most of all you have to be willing to dress sort of strange two times a week, just to make sure you are trying to make other people laugh and enjoy life versus trying to look so cool. You get extra gold studds if you do kind deeds for others too- like take an old man who can’t tie his line anymore to the river or take your kid to the park instead of fishing everyday. 

If you want to join the Non-pro pro staff, and you feel like you can be really good at being a marginal fly fisher and a decent human being, then submit your application, along with some of your worst fly fishing pictures, or maybe even some pictures of unique beards, because those are cool too. 

Cheers to all the weirdos who enjoy the river, but choose to face real life instead of fishing every day (gosh the fishing everyday sounds pretty good). Im writing a letter to the government to see  if we can at least get a tax break for not being a professional.

Slack lines and failed selfies…

Not-So-Pro, Pro-Staff over and out. 😉

(No offense to the actual pro staffers- you guys are really cool, we just want to get paid for not doing as much as you have). Seriously though, why cant we get paid for just fishing and writing!? Is that too much to ask from the government….sigh im off to find a real job unless someone wants to fund my non-pro staff movement.

4 thoughts on “Not-So-Pro, Pro-Staff

  1. While I am practically worthless when it comes to being able to fund such a truly, worthy organization as the “Not So Pro – Pro Staff”, I am all in on being a supporter of this group. I think I am going to add it to my Thumbs Up Thursday post next time around.

    By the way, this is the best post I have read since the last time you published a post…………………………….


  2. I like your attitude. Nicely written and providing the Non-Non Fly Fishers like me, who know how much some anglers LOVE fly fishing, assurance that YOU truly love what you do—-both the fly presentation and the later presentation via writing and photos of your experiences. You’ve done so well with this blog. I’m proud of you. Keep up the good work. I hope you attract a good membership into your club.


  3. Thank YOU Marianne~ I have enjoyed blogging so much more than I expected and I wouldn’t of started it without your encouragement! Thanks for saying you like my attitude too- I loved that. You are the best!


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