The smell of spring pine trees, warm wind, a difficult hike, fly fishing in the rain, an early morning boat ride, a moon-lit kayak trip, sleeping under the stars, flying in a float plane, hunting for rocks, no cell service, no plans, the melodies of a river….. I crave.

What is this desire?? I know I’m not alone in this craving…..Its almost innate, a built in trigger created in some of us to survive. Toss me out away from all things man made and let me look in the face of nothing…or everything.

Sandpoint, ID Photo Credit: Julian Stevens

Sandpoint, ID Photo Credit: Julian Stevens

I want to stand still in a pool of water that meanders fluently through rocky valleys, filters effortlessly through fallen trees, and houses sparkling fish that kiss the water’s surface. I want to stare at a mountain and think only about the animals I might encounter or the path I might take to climb it. I want to lay in the grass and listen to the wind blow the leaves all around me. I want to gleam into the raging camp fire that makes all things seem unbelievable and believable at the same time.

It must be the simplicity of the woods that calls me back; it does not need to be entertained, it is not critical, it does not keep a record of wrongs; the woods allows me to just take a moment and just be…..The beautiful artwork of a creator, right in front of me, I stand in awe and wonder why so many people miss this view.

All of my adult life, when I am overwhelmed with daily life or trials I am facing, the woods have been somewhat of a church or a place where I can go to be free, to speak to God and to find a peace in my mind. I remember in college, driving for hours by myself to find the woods, as if it were an old grandma that I needed to seek advice from or to find shelter from the parade of indecisions haunting me.

Like a best friend that lives far across the country, I miss the trees.

Help! I’m curled up in Suburbia and feeling the need for a mountain filled fix! Longing for a dirt road, nestled up to a river and far enough away that only the weird people like myself will care to venture!

Come on summer adventure! And go away homesickness for the Idaho panhandle mountains!

Am I crazy? Is anyone else crazy like this? Well, maybe you should be! Here is to all my weird outdoor freaks that will drive for hours to throw a rock in a canyon or see an uncaged animal roam free!



2 thoughts on “Mountains

  1. Go around the riverbend, take a left. There you will find grandmother Willow. She can give you some advice, Pocahontas!


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