Adventure? What are you talking about?


If you are looking for one of those bloggers that gives you awesome tips and seems to have it all together, this is not one of those…. When I am talking about “adventures” I don’t mean extreme sports or sometimes even anything “outdoors”.  One of my grandest adventures, for example, was taking all three children to the doctor by myself- with the baby in the front pack while trying to get a urine sample for my potty training 2 year old and my 5 year old was throwing a tantrum (side note: don’t ever try this unless you are really wanting to test your sanity levels). But that was an adventure- I had NO idea how it would go or if I would have to call in the relatives for back up. At the end of it, when they were buckled nicely in their car seat restraints, I was able to smile and pat myself on the back- I just did that!

In my opinion, “adventure” is anything you can do that makes you feel like you have accomplished something unique and that you feel like you deserve an award for this accomplishment! Now that I am thinking about rewards, I really wish I could hand out awards to people I see doing great things. Like the other day I helped an elderly woman in a wheel chair at the market- she was trying to put all of her items up on the counter and the checker lady just stared at her, twirling her hair in annoyance. I stepped in and helped her put it on the belt and then pack her bags for her and continued to help her out to her truck. I found out that she was raising two of her grandchildren all on her own. She was headed to Costco to get a pumpkin pie for her little granddaughter because she promised her one if she did well at school. It took her literally 5 hours to just go shopping with trying to get in and out of the wheel chair, etc. (now that I think about it I am wondering how she drove her truck- scary thought pushed to back of mind now). This woman deserves and adventure award! I wanted to give her something for what she was doing for her family, stepping up and taking care of people that no one else could. At the end of the day, she was rewarded by her own adventure because she felt good about what she had done, despite her physical limitations she was able to push through and bless her granddaughter with a love!

The other thought about ‘adventure’ that made me want to blog about some of my own experiences, is that people think they have to take off of work and plan two years for it and take out some of their 401k in order to achieve adventure. I’m here to show you that you can ‘do’ adventure at any point in your day. Something that makes you feel more alive! It’s too easy to get stuck in routines and regretful boring daily patterns that make us feel dull and shallow; at that point, we rely on food, drugs, TV, or gossip to fulfil that need for “aliveness” in our hearts and minds! We try so hard, people you do a wonderful job at trying so hard, but sometimes you have to stop trying so hard and do something weird and wacky that makes you feel like you still live for the good stuff and not just for the bills!

For me, when I am able to break away from the life stressors and get out into nature, I not only feel good for doing it, but I feel like I am able to hear God’s voice and reassurance of what life is really about. I get so caught up in the day to day that sometimes I forget to be still, listen to Gods direction for life and most importantly to appreciate what I have been given! To all of you lovely adventurers and hope-to- be adventurers- I applaud you and encourage you that no matter what your circumstance, there is a hope and a joy that awaits you!


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